When you choose a hotel to stay in holidays, you have to find one where the rooms are comfortable and have enough space for you, your couple, or your friends and family. Hotel Bahamas has seven different types of rooms

1. Superior Double Room

This room has a comfortable and elegant double sized bed that you can share with your couple. In this room, there is also a mini fridge, a closet and neat decoration; also, you can enjoy every service the hotel offers.

2. Standard Double Room

Equipped for couples, it has a double-sized bed and a night table with a lamp. You can also ask for a desk to be delivered to the room, in case you need it. You will also find a 22” TV and a safe deposit box.

3. Twin Superior Double Room

If you are looking for a shared room for tourists, sport and business travelers, then you found it. It has two single sized beds, elegant bed sheets and useful night tables.

4. Twin Double Room

Ideal for tourists, sport and business travelers, this room has two single sized comfortable beds. It also includes an air conditioning unit, a safe deposit box and two night tables with lamps. You can also ask for a desk to be delivered to this room, if you need to write or read.

5. Triple Room

This type of room includes two beds: a single sized one and a double sized bed. These is the right type of room to stay in Hotel Bahamas if you are on holidays with your couple and your child. Furthermore, this type of room includes a comfortable armchair, where you can sit if you want to read or rest, TV and a mini fridge.

6. Quadruple Room

If you want to share a room with your couple and two children, this one is the right type for you in Hotel Bahamas. It includes a double sized bed and two single sized beds. Furthermore, this room has TV, mini fridge, a table and four chairs, where you can have breakfast if you ask food to be delivered from the restaurant.

7. Quintuple Room (Apart)

The biggest and most equipped type of room in our hotel is “Habitación Quíntuple”. It includes three single sized beds and a double sized one. There’s also a refrigerator in which you can keep drinks or food.

All types of room have telephones. Because of this, you can call to the restaurant and ask for food to be delivered, or you can also ask the maids to clean up or tidy the room whenever you want.